Scholarship Scheme for Shishukunj - North Campus (2022 - 23)

  • The scholarship scheme is exclusively applicable for admissions to Shishukunj - North Campus

  • Admission applications are invited for Students for Classes 5th to 9th (Session 2022 - 23)

  • Existing students of Shishukunj North Campus are eligible for undergoing the scholarship test process.

    Admission fee and security deposit paid by the existing North Campus students will not be refunded. They will be entitled only for the annual scholarship benefit as explained above.

Scholarship Amount

  • Rs. 1 Lakh every year.
  • Waiver of 100% admission fees and security deposit.
  • The students who get selected will be given the scholarship for consecutive three years. For continuation of the scholarship from the fourth year onwards, the students will have to undergo a scholarship test once again.

  • Criteria of admission shall be as follows :
  • Subjects and Syllabus for the Scholarship Test are :
  • Conceptual strength and skills will be tested in the scholarship test. The majority of the questions will be MCQ type.
  • Consistent low performance in internal assessments shall lead to review of the scholarship benefits.

  • Recurrent misconduct may result in withdrawal of the scholarship benefits.

  • In case of any default in payment of fees, the scholarship will be withdrawn.


  • The final decision about the execution of the scheme lies with the Principal and the school management.

The Shishukunj International School ( North Campus )

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